Murder me Mickey! (fossa) wrote in anti_fredphelps,
Murder me Mickey!

--I live in Sweden--

Hello, I'm new. I just learned about Phelps, he was on the news saying things that no intelligent person would say on TV, about Sweden.
He is angry at ALL OF SWEDEN for the arrest of Åke Green, a Swedish pastor. I couldn't believe a person that dumb can be the leader of something, and I can't believe they showed him on TV is he worth that kind of attention?
Basically he said all of Sweden is doomed and will go to hell, the Tsunami should have happened here, the country should be zapped and the population whiped out, he can't believe Sweden is still on the map...
Åke Green broke the law that's why they arrested him.
Was this news in America as well or have you not heared about this?
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