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The 30 day LiveJournal Challenge!

I mustn't stay!

In order to save my own arse, and to avenge my horrible academic standing (hello academic probation,) I MUST stay off the blasted InterWeb for a whole month! this is SELF-IMPOSED. I am not being punished. I'll miss you all terribly and will type of interesting and such thinng throughout this fine November month, and will have them all ready to report on December first! If you want to contact me, call if you're local, or e-mail me a I love you all so so so so much, but I mist do this.

So, while I won't be online (I will occasionally be on AIM, not much tho,) Some of the things I'd like to do with my free time I'm acquiring. I'd like to do better in school, maybe get a job, read more, practice my bass more, and see my friends more often. Maybe this will be the best November ever! I mean, November tends to be depressing sometimes for me (my psychiatrist, who I'm seeing this afternoon, calls it a "winter worsening") so but I think I'll have a splendid time; I will it so! In fact, I was just outside walking my dogs, in jeans and a t-shirt and I felt GREAT! I'm so happy now, I'm headed off in a fresh, new direction! I can't wait to tell you all my progress! But, I'll have to! ;)

Now, as for this group...PLEASE keep it going strong! I must avaunt, yet Phelps must be Phought! (lol) so.......e-mail me if you need anything, but I'm trying to stay away from this and other sites; they're ruining my so-called career...if I've got something to say, I'll ask you to include my 2 cents. Thanks!

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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