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This is a community that is vehemently against Fred Phelps and those that support him and his sick bigotry. I'd like this to become a real actual political society, but for now, a Lj community will have to do. :) Basically, this is against what Fred Phelps stands for: hatred of the LGBTQ community and their allies, and the aim is to basically say: "So, Mr. Phelps, how does it feel to have an entire group of people that have never met you and don't know you hating you simply because you're, well, you?"

I have recently been told that Mr. Phelps, in addition to being literally homophobic, this sick, deranged man, is FOR CHILD ABUSE!!!!! HE SUPPORTS Saddam Hussein!! HE THINKS OBSEITY IS A PUNISHMENT FROM GOD!! I thought he was just an anti gay bigot, but it goes much deeper than that...I hope he gets mental help soon.

Well, it's not just to bitch about this horrid man. Nay, it is also about taking a stand and fighting back, combating bigotry and hatred and abuse every day, in every way you can! Whether it be giving an eloquent cussing out to a bigot on the streets, standing up for the rights of children, or joining a silent protest, any sort of activism, no matter how large or small, counts a great deal!

Everyone is welcomed, under a couple conditions:

#1: You have to be respectful of all the members here. If someone is being disrespectful, or being nasty for the sake of being obnoxious, I will not hesitate to throw them out.

#2: Only relevant posts, please. Other stuff belongs in your personal journal. (By relevant, I am referring to things such as articles about gay rights, Fred Phelps, the Westboro Baptist Church, and their evildoing, or perhaps your fascinating recounts of heroic feats against said evildoers ! :D )

All in all, let's work together to spread the word: We do not tolerate intolerance, and we WILL be respected!